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El Rodeo Country Club


Medellín, Colombia.

Hotel Park 10 guests are fortunate to have a Complementary Admission to the El Rodeo Country Club in Medellín, where they can enjoy an elite sport. Just 15 minutes from the Hotel, they may enjoy a perfect place to play Golf, as it has two 18 – regulation – hole courses, endorsed Colombian Federation of Golf.

The greens, landscape and degree of difficulty make this course a special place where the flora and fauna in the middle of Medellín converge.

The La Macarena Golf Course is one of the best and toughest golf courses in South America; located in the San Nicolás Valley, it has an 18 – hole and a Pitch and Putt course.

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Medellín, Colombia.

The city of eternal spring


Hotel Park 10 is located near the financial and entertainment sector of the city of Medellín.

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Hotel Park 10 is located near the financial and entertainment sector of the city of Medellín.

Due to its optimal location, Hotel Park 10 is an ideal place for your business or entertainment relations in Medellín. In a single area, surrounded by extensive gardens, parks, restaurants, bars, casinos and coffee shops, the Business, Financial and Entertainment Center – called La Milla de Oro – has ideal spaces for rest and fun.

Hotel Park 10 guests can enjoy elite sports, enjoying and sharing with clients and friends the best 18 – hole golf course, as well tennis and squash courts, in the city.

Hotel Park 10 is part of the largest and most – exclusive entertainment Holding in Medellín: D’Groupe.

A city for



D’Groupe has a portfolio of bars, restaurants and clubs for all tastes and moments: It currently has recognized brands, such as Lussac, Kukaramakara Medellín, Sixttina and Delaire.

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KUKARAMAKARA MEDELLÍN. Known as the “Home of Artists” with presence in Cali, Bogotá, Medellín and Miami, this is the temple of live music in Colombia. There, 11 musicians on stage interpret cross over music with the best global standards of quality. It is a friendly establishment for people with KUKARA, the vital Latino energy that generates experiences through live music.

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DELAIRE Skylounge. This is one of the few Roof Tops in Medellín, the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful view over the City of Eternal Spring, enjoy its warm climate, in an establishment selected for a national architectural award. It is located in the exclusive area of the Milla de Oro and offers RUSTIC cuisine. The food is cooked in a wood oven and served on the outdoor terrace on the top floor of the Rio Sur Shopping Center. The mix of liquor, food and friendly people makes it the perfect place to appreciate a sunset, the full moon, a starry night, and enjoy an intimate moment or friends.

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SIXTTINA. Some say this is one of the most technological discotheques in Latin America; the experience is provided by a DJ, VJ, Lighting Engineer and special effects. It is a rumba based on the GLAM DANCE lifestyle. Here design, fashion, Avant – garde people and the type of music correspond to international trends in its look and feel. Its eight – meter – tall, poured – concrete vault, screens, impeccable sound and the friendliness of the service staff make those who come describe the experience as “at another level.”